Our Story

Founded by H. Bencio

As a child, we all have our own dreams. But as time goes by, we experience struggles and difficulties in life.

We failed in different aspects of life, we lost friends or was left by someone that we loved. We lost motivation, energy and maybe even yourself because of that. Grateful for my family for their unending love, support and being a great motivator to help me stand up and see the positive side once more. They played a big part in reaching my ultimate dream.

To cut the story short...

In all hardships that we are facing in our daily lives, we will always need a motivator that will keep us moving towards our dreams and goals.

Making BENCIO is like making a positivity spread. The Bencio clothing will be a reminder that kind words, love and support really plays a major role in everyone's life.

“Be kind. We never know what people are going through. Give grace and mercy because one day your circumstance could change and you may need it.”
― Germany Kent